By: Lauren Ager on 1st February 2022

How to efficiently clean your Paslode Nail Gun

When it comes to Paslode, you won't find a more reliable nail gun. Although it's build to withstand tough working conditions, it is important to regularly clean and maintain your Paslode nail gun to ensure it remains in tip-top condition.

How often should you clean your nail gun? 

You should clean your nail gun every 50,000 shots. On every Paslode tool, you'll find an indicator that will tell you when it is due to be cleaned. Of course, if you're working in a particularly dirty environment, or on an intense project, you may want to do this more regularly.

15-minute step by step: 

1. Make sure your nail gun is safe to clean by removing the nails in the magazine, along with the battery and fuel cell by pressing the eject button on the side of the tool. 

2. Remove the shoulder screws from the rear of the tool and remove the cylinder cap which will also contain the filter. Use the Paslode Spit cleaner and spray directly onto the filter. 

3. Next, remove the black cable related to the spark unit and the white cable related to the fan. Twist the fan unit and gently remove it. 

4. Pinch the O-ring and ease it away from the rest of the tool. Then, use the Paslode cleaning spray to clean the entire fan unit. Once sprayed, replace the used O-ring with a new one. 

5. The combustion chamber is the next part that you'll need to clean. Before you use your Paslode cleaning spray, push the combustion chamber downwards to gain full access. Spray with the cleaner and use the lint-free cloth and wipe inside the chamber. 

6. Apply Paslode lubricant to the inside of the combustion chamber, and round the outside where it rests against the O-ring. 

7. The lubricant must be evenly spread throughout the chamber. Unscrew the quick release knob so that the magazine case can be removed, giving access to the piston. Move the piston back and forth to distribute the lubricate 

8. Next, reassemble the nail fun, including the cylinder cap. Don't forget to reattach the black cable to the spark unit and the white cable to the fan before finally screwing back on the cap. 

9. Put the magazine, battery and fuel cell back into the nail gun and test that it works.

Cleaning: Do's & Don'ts

Do - Remember to let the tool cool down before you clean it.

Do - Wear protective eyewear and gloves.

Do - Use a Paslode Lubricating Oil as it is formulated to withstand the high temperature generated by Paslode nail guns.

Do - To avoid damaging the tool or injury, tighten all the screws when reassembling .

Do - Test the tool once you've finished cleaning. (Don't be alarmed if a small amount of smoke comes from the nail gun - it's normal!)

Don't - AVOID other lubricants which can cause a rapid build-up pf combustion residue, affecting the tool's performance and longevity.

See our Paslode Cleaning Kit here.