Our People

We are one team that work together to provide our customers with the fastest, most reliable, personal service in the industry. Our passionate people are 100% committed to the sole mission of "making our customers lives easier".

Department Leaders
Desmond Woodcock

Commercial Director

"Desmond started out as a Carpenter on the tools, with over 40 years experience in Carpentry he is a hub of knowledge for both staff and customers. In his free time Desmond enjoys cycling, small building projects & spending time with his family."
Joel Woodcock

Head of Sales & Marketing

"Joel leads the Sales & Marketing team, he has a passion for building a winning team! His role is focused around maintaining a world class service to help contractors save time and making their life easy. In his free time Joel enjoys travelling or relaxing with his family and friends."
David Shimwell

Head of Procurement

"David heads up the procurement department, he brings over 2 decades of knowledge to the team. His industry knowledge and connections give a strong foundation to building a robust supply chain which enable us to give stock guarantee on all our top lines. David always has a smile on his face, in his spare time he looks after his garden and relaxes as much as possible."
Vince Woodcock

Managing Director

"Vince leads the team at Multifix, managing the team to deliver on it's strategic objectives. With over 29 years of experience in the industry, he has lead the company growth year on year. Vince's passion is in using technology to increase efficiency and make ordering easy for our customers. Away from work he spends his time caring for his family and two grandchildren!"
Daniel Woodcock

Head of Operations

"Daniel heads up the Operations department, with a never ending goal to ensure our customers receive their deliveries on time and in full. His perfectionism certainly keeps the team on their toes! In his free time Dan enjoys cycling & barbequing with his friends."

Finance & Procurement
Lee Edwards

Purchasing Supervisor

"Lee's role is all about ensuring we have the correct product in stock at the best value. If you have a question or problem with excel, Lee is your man. In his free time he enjoys fitness, training others & dog walks. (also quietly is a bit of a petrol head)"
Bethany Richards

Accounts Coordinator

"Beth joined the finance team in 2017. She is now a integeral part of the team, always smiling and willing to help with any invoice queries or payments. In her free time Beth enjoys watching the football, going shopping & spending time with her family."
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Jenni Antoni

Accounts Assistant

"Jenni joined Multifix at the beginning of 2022 as our Accounts Assistant. She has much experience and learning, having originally studied a BSc, and teaching diploma, she taught for many years, then worked in her Family business doing the admin and Marketing, and has now settled nicely into the admin team at Multifix. She loves socializing and meeting new people, and does extensive reading to gain more personal development. She speaks 3 languages and loves travelling."
Warwick Reeves

Product Sourcing Executive

"Warwick is another friendly face behind the phone when you call. With brilliant problem solving skills and the ability to think on the spot, Warwick is a valued member of the team. In his free time, Warwick enjoys playing football with friends."
Cameron Duke

Accounts Apprentice

"Cameron joins us straight from School with unmatched enthusiasm and energy. This is an exciting journey for him as he joins the business world with his ambition to become a fully qualified accountant. Outside work he puts his efforts in to honing his Golf skills and a keen interest in football."

Jenny Wienand

Financial Controller

"Jenny adds another global dimension to the Multifix team. Based in South Africa Jenny heads up the Finance team whilst ensuring all the numbers are kept on track. Having spent over 10 years in finance, her experience is a valuable asset to Multifix. In her free time Jenny enjoys running, going to gym, reading and having family and friends over for a meal and a good glass of SA wine. "
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John Lewis

Business Development Lead

"John brings a wealth of experience with over 15 years of experience in the industry. He carries the overall responsibility for Multifix ambitious growth targets, leading the team to win new accounts every single day! In his free time John enjoys playing the guitar, making music, cooking and reading about history."
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Oliver Boyt

Customer Service Manager

"With 10 years of experience at Multifix, Oliver is a very knowledgeable employee, loved by his customers for his dedication to making their lives easier. In his free time Oliver enjoys cycling, watching F1 & drinking with friends."
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Phil Marsh

Human Resources

"Phil has over 25 years experience in managing a team. Having run his own business, he carry's a wealth of knowledge when it comes to keeping the team happy and safe. In his spare time he enjoys cooking and looking after his grandchildren. "
Samantha Park

Marketing Manager

"Sam has recently joined Multifix, heading up our Marketing team. With a customer-first mindset and in-depth experience of the Construction Industry, she'll be focussed on delivering against our promise of Speed, Reliability & Personal Service. In her spare time, Sam is a keen baker and is excited to share her latest creations with her new colleagues."
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Damian West

Transport Team Leader

"Damian's is one of two transport managers at Multifix, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in transport he is focused on ensuring that every delivery is routed, loaded and delivered with speed. "
Sebastian Andrews

Warehouse Assistant & Vehicle Loader

"Seb shows an amazing commitment to his work always striving to build a stronger team. His speed in picking and packing is highly admired and his happy spirit motivates the team. "
Jamie Reed

Goods In Lead

"Having started as an apprentice working alongside his father. Jamie has grown to become a highly valued and well respected leader of the Goods In team. He is always willing to go the extra mile especially if he knows it will benefit the customer."
Craig Atkins

Operations Resolutions Lead

"Craig has been a member of the Multifix team for many years and is a valued and trustworthy problem solver within operations. If there is a problem Craig is always the first and last to bring a solution to the table. In his free time, Craig likes to spend time at the pub with friends."
Marc Manning-Lobb

PM Shift Lead

"Marc is one of our longest serving employees. With over 18 years with the company, he has watched Multifix go from strength to strength. His commitment and loyalty is highly valued."
Colin Lynch

Delivery Driver

"Colin is a valued member of the team and always goes above and beyond to ensure that our customer’s expectations are met."
Eddie Newill

Delivery Driver

"‘Steady Eddie’ joined us in January 2021 and is always happy, helpful and willing to assist customers and office staff on a daily basis"
Reiss Kavanagh

Delivery Driver

"Reiss joined us in Summer 2021 and has well and truly excelled in the role of a driver. Customers are very complimentary about Reiss."
Scott Blackley

Delivery Driver

"Scott always goes above and beyond to make sure customers receive the best service possible. His willingness to change his route to accommodate is extremely helpful."
Eamonn Kirby

Delivery Driver

"Eamonn is a highly valued driver that has a reputation for being consistent in his work and always going the extra mile for our customers - even if this means carrying boxes up numerous flights of stairs! With customers continuely commending Eamonn on his excellent service, he has won employee of the month on more than one occasion. "
Mark Blanking

Warehouse Assistant

"Mark is an essential part of the Goods In team. His quite dedication and willing spirit means he is always happy to take on the most complex tasks of the day and he will always accomplish it to absolute perfection."
James Clare

Delivery Driver

"James’s experience from working in the warehouse stands him in good stead with customers as he is able to demonstrate great product knowledge. "
Pat Burke

Delivery Driver

"Pat’s knowledge of the City of London is second to none – there is not a road he doesn’t know. Pat is a massive asset to the company."
Stephen Perry

Warehouse Assistant

"Alongside Marc, Steve is one of our longest serving employees. As a marathon runner outside of work, Steve displays the same level of endurance in the warehouse, always willing to go the extra mile and ensure our customers receive the right goods on time."
Roger Rappoport

Delivery Driver

"Roger has done every route possible and his adaptability is useful when things are busy. Customers are very complimentary about Roger."
Andrew Howe

Warehouse Assistant

"Andrew has a great can do attitude and will keep things moving when the going gets tough. His is multi skilled and fills a wide range of roles in the warehouse making him a great asset to the team. In his free time he like a drink and to what West Ham United go from strength to strength. "
Adam Pickering

Warehouse Assistant

"Adam is someone we can’t do without, his incredible ability to pick 100s of orders in such a short space of time is a great value to the team. His knowledge and experience means he learns new things very fast and keeps to a very high standard when it comes to quality and procedures, he is not the sort to cut corners."
James Madden

Transport Team Leader

"James's vast knowledge of the UK and its courier and transport system has stemmed from his long serving experience in the industry. James has a great sense of humour and his jokes always bring a smile around the warehouse!"
Paul Spurling

Delivery Driver

Chris Saunders

Delivery Driver

Joe Thorpe

Warehouse Assistant

Colin Manning-Lobb

Warehouse Assistant

Steve Morris

Warehouse Assistant


Sales & Marketing
Lauren Ager

Design & Communications Executive

"Lauren is the most passionate driver of the Marketing team, always smiling and maintaining a positive spirit. She is very creative and loves designing! In her free time, Lauren spends time with her daughter Sophia and enjoys long walks with her better half."
Elle Potter

Account Manager

"With 14 years of industry experience, Elle is a vital part of the team. Elle has built a reputation for "Customer First", working hard and always going the extra mile. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her daughter and has an active social life."
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Darryl Flint

Area Sales Manager

"Darryl has been with the company over 14 years. He carrys the responsibility for winning new accounts every single week, his experience and friendly attitude is a valuable asset to the team. In his free time Darryl enjoys cycling, swimming & cooking curries."
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Anne Page

Customer Service Executive

"Anne has many years experience working alongside logistics, she will be another smiling face behind the phone and always willing to provide you with an accurate ETA on your delivery. In her free time Anne enjoys going hiking, making jewellery & cooking."
Ben Warren

Customer Service Executive

"With more than 3 years experience in the industry, Ben understands the time pressures of delivering the correct fixings on time. He is one of the friendly faces behind the phone when customers call. In his free time Ben enjoys going to national parks & spending time with his family."
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Christian Kostadinov

Account Manager

"Christian has a great wealth of knowledge in the construction industry, if you want to place an order in Bulgarian or Russian Christian is your man! If you see him bouncing around with a cheeky grin, it is usually when he has smashed target or won a large order. In his free time, Christian is an avid photographer & film maker. "
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Martine Harwood

Customer Service Executive

"Martine is a key member of our customer service team. Her positive personality and energy helps keep the team moving together. With much experience in the construction industry, Martine is loved for always having the answer to her customers problems. In her free time Martine enjoys watching the football & spending time with her grandchildren."
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Simon Fleck

Area Sales Manager

"Simon brings over 10 years of experience working in the construction Industry. His role is focus on supporting the new business growth of the company and has been a vital part of this in the last 2 years. His experience has built a wealth of technical knowledge, backed up with a highly competitive and humorous spirit. In his free time Simon enjoys spending time with his family."
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Max Woodcock

Innovation Executive

"Having spent 2 years in Customer Service, recently moving into a Marketing role he is now focused on product innovation and Digital development to making customers lives easier. Max enjoys playing sports and relaxing with friends at the weekend."
Rob Smith

Customer Service Executive

"Rob has shown great resillience and commitment to solving problems and establishing solutions to daily challenges faced by customers. His calm demeanour and patience is highly respected by his team. His spare time is spent binge watching rubbish on Netflix and going to see Bastille with his better half."
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Kylie Woodcock

Customer Service Support

"Kylie is a valued member of our Customer Service team. She likes things done fast and efficient! When Kylie is not working, she enjoys travelling, fitness, spending time with her 3 nieces and being outdoors when the sun is shining!"
Chester Cowley

Business Development Manager

"Chester has a vision to contribute to the success of Multifix through building strong connections with customers and colleagues. He is motivated and ambitious, very much relies on social interaction through day-to-day life. In his free time, Chester is a keen football fan and loves to keep active playing sports, mainly football, tennis, and cricket."
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Charlenne Woodcock


"Charlenne is a new member of the Multifix team. Her hard work and reliability ensures that the sales team remain focused and on track with their targets. In her free time, Charlenne enjoys photography, relaxing with friends and playing sports & music!"