Multifix - Supporting sustainability

Multifix is committed to being a more sustainable supplier, putting environmental needs above all else.

As a company, we know it takes small steps to make bigger changes. 

So what are we doing to be a more sustainable brand?

Black M at Multifix's head office in Maidstone

Electric Cars

All external members of staff are provided with hybrid or fully electric vehicles to limit the amount of greenhouse gases and air pollution that get emitted. In February 2022 our head office had 4 charging points installed for the purpose of our vehicles.

Electric car charger at Multifix's head office in Maidstone


LED Motion-activated lighting at Multifix's head office in Maidstone

LED Motion-activated Lighting

We have LED motion-activated lighting throughout not only our head office but throughout our warehouse premise in Barking. The LED lights automatically turn off if there is no movement for a select time thus helping reduce the energy used.

Euro 6 Compliant Vans

The emissions limit imposed by Euro 6 regulations normally require gases from the engine to be treated before being released from the exhaust. 

All of our own fleet of vans are Euro 6 compliant meaning lower emissions.

Multifix's Euro 6 complaint vans at Multifix's Barking depot

Air source heating pumps at Multifix's head office in Maidstone

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Our Head Office uses heat pumps meaning we are not only saving time on maintenance but reducing our carbon footprint compared to gas or electric heating systems.


All of our packaging is paper-based to reduce our use of single-use plastic.

Multifix packaging at our Barking depot

Multifix recycle throughout the whole company


Throughout the whole company, recycling is very important to us. We recycle everything we can, daily from both premises.

SPEED - Multifix deliver with speed

That saves time

...we know time is money, site labour can't wait around waiting for a delivery.

We respond with SPEED

Quote in 30 min.

You order with SPEED

Order online in 30 seconds.

We deliver SPEED

75% of deliveries on site before 12pm

RELIABILITY - Multifix deliver reliably

That you can trust

...we know late or incorrect deliveries are a hassle.

We run our own transport

Giving 99.3% delivery success.

We scan every delivery out

So we never miss a parcel.

We provide live delivery tracking

So you never have to chase a delivery.

PERSONAL SERVICE - Multifix prioritise a personal service to our customers
Personal Service

That makes your life easy

...we know it's frustrating when suppliers dont know your name or the products you need.

If we know your number

We will remember your name.

A highly trained team

To answer your technical questions.

Our delivery drivers

Will call your site before delivery.


That gives company wide efficiency

...we know it's stressful to recieve multiple last minuite site requisitions.


Set approve products

So everyone can't just order what they like.

Online requisition

To allow managers to review orders before they are placed.

Online account management

So you can track orders and download PODs

Three challenges Contractors face...


Last minute ordering and late deliveries can impact project deadlines and cost you money.


Time consumed by obtaining delivery updates, locating invoices, and collecting POD's,


Lack of control over site procurement can lead to inefficient buying habits and exceeding budgets

One simple solution...

The exclusive Multifix Online Portal

Order online in seconds, favourite lists, live stock and images make it easy.


Streamline your procurement process with access to POD's, Invoices, Live deliveries, all in one place


Get a grip on the products you buy with approved product lists and one central ordering system.

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