By: Lauren Ager on 16th December 2021

Challenges in Carpentry & Construction

The construction Industry seems to be in an endless battle of ensuring the client is satisfied and battling external challenges that occur throughout a project. 2021 has definitely thrown a lot of challenges at the construction industry. Let's take a look at them;

1.There's a Labour Shortage.

The construction industry in the UK has long relied on skilled workers from overseas. However, over the past year, contractors have reported losing up to 50% of their workforce. Why? The pandemic saw many skilled workers return to their families in foreign countries for fear of being separated for long periods. Then, of course, there are the consequences of Brexit, which saw many decide to return to their home countries.

2. There's a Material Shortage.

Not only is there a labour shortage, but there's a material shortage too. Raw materials are in short supply everywhere, not just in the UK. There are a few external factors that have contributed to it. Firstly, global demand, in general, is high. Secondly, thanks to Covid, there have been many factory closures, and production has slowed down considerably. This is true of particular products such as insulation, paints, adhesives and packaging.

3. There's an Increase in Price.

The shortage in raw materials has caused prices to increase at an alarming rate. Lengthening lead times and an increase in demand has seen some products rocket in price by 250%. There's certainly never been another year quite like it for soaring costs.