Frequently Asked Questions - Fire Door Foam™

When it comes to fire safety, there are always questions as to what products are safe and certified to use and rightly so. When it comes to Fire Door Foam™ we have all the answers you need right here. 

Q: What fire rating does Fire Door Foam offer?

A: Fire Door Foam has been fire tested to 60 minutes (BS476 Pt20/22: 1987 & BS EN1634-1) in timber and composite doorsets and timber glazed screens.

Q: What is the minimum and maximum gaps Fire Door Foam can be used?

A: The minimum practical width is 5mm and maximum tested gap is 33mm.

Q: Do you have to install Fire Door Foam with specialist packers of fixings?

A: No, Fire Door Foam has been specifically tested with plastic packers and standard screw fixings. Timber and MDF packers may also be used when required.

Q: Do I need to cap off Fire Door Foam with intumescent mastic?

A: No, there is no need to cap with mastic for ratings of up to 60 minutes.

Q: Can I add architraves over Fire Door Foam?

A: Architraves are optional, Fire Door Foam has been tested with and without.

Q: Does Fire Door Foam have a shelf life?

A: Fire Door Foam has a 12-month shelf life whilst stored in temperature conditions (5°C > 30°C).

Q: How many doors can I seal per can?

A: A 750ml can will seal 3-4 single doors within a standard structural opening (10mm x 70mm void).

Q: Does Fire Door Foam have an acoustic rating?

A: Yes, Fire Door Foam has sound reduction capabilities of up to 60dB Rw.

Q: Can I use Fire Door Foam when doorsets are required to have smoke control?

A: Yes, Fire Door Foam has smoke leakage evidence to BS EN 1634-3: 2004.

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