By: Christian Brown on 9th August 2023

The good, better and best JSP respiratory masks

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely concluded that single-use disposable masks aren’t for you anymore. They’re hot to use, you need to get your face fitted every time and they can’t be used for that long. They do a job, but they’re a bit of a faff. 

As such, now you’re after something more long-term. If that’s the case, then you’re in the right place. Many of our customers often ask about JSP masks, but aren’t sure which one will suit them best.

At Multifix, we’ve stocked JSP products for a while now. Our range is only growing, so we have put this article together for you, covering the key points of the JSP range. 

Come the end of the article, you’ll be able to distinguish the capabilities of the JSP range and what respiratory mask is best for you. 

Good – JSP Force 8

If you’re after an entry-level respiratory mask, the Force 8 is a good place to start. One reason for this is that it’s compatible with PressToCheck filters, which temporarily stops air passing through. 

This lets the user know whether the mask is airtight or not, although please note that you will need to be clean-shaven to wear this mask. 

The Force 8 also comes with a typhoon exhalation valve for reduced breathing resistance, moisture build-up and heat. The twin-filter half mask is available in three different sizes (small, medium and large) and can also be worn with a hard hat. There are also other filters available, depending on what you need for your carpentry requirements. 

In addition, while the Force 8 is designed for eight-hour use, it is reusable so long as you clean it after every job. The Force 8 is easily detachable, so the mask body, exhalation valve and diaphragm can last you a long time with a regular wash and clean. 

For those who won’t need a respiratory mask that often, the Force 8 is ideal. Reliable, light and protective, this will protect you against dust, paint fumes and fibreglass as and when you need it. Better yet, it’ll do so without hurting your bank account too much. 

However, if your work requires you to wear a respiratory mask frequently, it may be best to look at ones with more functions and more longevity. 

RSP - £32. You can get the Force 8 for £10.79 elsewhere, but that’s just for the mask. The full price of £32 meanwhile, comes with two filters. 

Better – JSP Jetstream Constructor

It’s worth noting that we don’t stock the Jetstream Constructor, although we can get it in by request. However, up until very recently, the Jetstream Constructor was something of a flagship product for JSP. The leap in advancement, capability and price from the Force 8 is huge, but you also get so much more for your money. 

It incorporates powered air. In short, powered air respirators ensure that a high volume of clean air is being sent to the breathing area, offering a greater level of protection. 

The first thing to observe is that the Jetstream Constructor is rather unique in that everything isn’t in the helmet. The rechargeable respirator is attached to a belt and connected to the helmet through a very flexible hose, saving head weight.  

The filter is graded at EN 12941 TH2P, which is the second highest standard, while the hose delivers 180 litres per minute of air through the filter. 

Meanwhile, the EVO5 safety helmet has an EN397 standard and the polycarbonate visor has been graded at EN166 1.B. 

One thing that causes discomfort for some is the need for a face fit when trying on respiratory masks. However, with the Jetstream Constructor, you don’t need one. 

Thanks to the design, those with facial hair and glasses can wear it with no problems, which is incredibly helpful. 

From a work perspective, there’s a lot right with the Jetstream Constructor, but it’s not perfect. While the hose is designed to be convenient, some may find it gets in the way when moving about. It can also be an issue if the belt or hose catches on something.

That said, the battery for the Jetstream Constructor lasts eight hours and the kit package comes with everything you need. 

The filter, hose, charger, battery, belt, helmet, visor, flow meter and carry case all come with the kit, which has proved very popular. 

RSP - £489.95. The all-in-one package certainly suits, as it would be much more expensive to buy them all individually. 

Best – JSP Powercap Infinity

We are now at the top end of the JSP scale in terms of performance and price, but the cream certainly rises to the top in JSP’s case. The new Powercap Infinity doubles up as a four-in-one safety solution for those wearing it, covering the head, eyes, respiratory and ears. However, the Sonis ear protectors that can attach to it don’t come with it. 

Onto specifics, the Powercap Infinity provides a minimum of 160 litres of clear, purified air per minute. It is also graded at protection level TH3, which is the highest possible rating in the EN12941:1988 + A2:2008 standard.

The head protection is rated at EN397, while the optical class 1 visor has an EN166.B rating. This not only improves safety, but will offer you impact protection of up to 270mph. 

There are three types of Sonis ear protectors available to clip onto the Powercap Infinity. For those landscaping or in workshops, the Sonis 1 is ideal and provides protection up to 26db. 

If you’re using construction machinery amidst industrial noise, the Sonis Compact offers protection up to 31db. Finally, the Sonis 3 is ideal for quarrying and gives protection up to 36db. 

In regard to usage, the Powercap Infinity’s battery gives eight hours of use before needing to be recharged. The battery takes eight hours to charge, which is a while, but has a lifespan of 500 full uses. 

Also, much like the Jetstream, face fit tests are a thing of the past with the Powercap Infinity. More importantly, those with facial hair and glasses can wear it with no issues and no visibility problems. 

Perhaps the biggest draw to the Powercap Infinity though is the smart PPE incorporated within it. Twice a second, real-time diagnostics will be monitoring both yourself and the system and then give you feedback based on that. 

Battery and filter condition is available on the heads-up display and you will also get audio warnings if either needs replacing. The technology will also check high respiratory demand and maintain positive pressure inside. 

Finally – and rather uniquely as a safety design – the battery isn’t at the top of the helmet. JSP has identified that while helmets protect you from debris falling from heights, there is a caveat. 

If something falls and hits you on the head, the helmet will absorb it, but the battery area will not. With nowhere else to go, it’ll be the battery that causes you more damage than the debris, as it has to push downwards. As such, you can choose whether the battery is at the front or the back of the helmet instead. 

Of course, if something were to land on the battery, there’s a good chance it’ll be damaged beyond repair, but you’d at least escape serious harm.

Also, a lot of high-profile projects have trusted the Powercap Infinity. Network Rail has sanctioned them for use on HS2, while Berkley Homes and Taylor Wimpey will be using them for their upcoming ventures. They are also being used at Hinkley Point. 

RSP – £623.50. The top end of the budget scale, but also a complete package. Will last the test of time and still be a top product years down the line. 

The JSP range is very much a quality-first brand and everything here will be a huge asset for your endeavours. 

If you’re on a budget and need to use something sparingly, then the JSP Force 8 is ideal. If you’re looking for something that could last decades with care, the Jetstream Constructor is for you. If you want something for life or want the top-of-the-range spec, the Powercap Infinity is your best bet. 

As mentioned earlier, we don’t stock the Jetstream Constructor, but we can get it in by request. We do stock the Force 8, which you can acquire here.  Equally, if you did want the Powercap Infinity, you can find out more about that – and discuss pricing options – here.