Your Paslode questions answered

Paslode is arguably the biggest and most well-known brand when it comes to carpentry, which means people always want to know more. 

After all, if you’re committing to buying a Paslode power tool, you’ll want to know everything before doing so. The last thing you want is buyer’s remorse, where you’ve got a product you don’t need.

That’s something we want to avoid, as we would much rather that you make well-informed and knowledgeable buying decisions.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, we get several Paslode questions every day. People always want to know more about their products and with good reason. 

However, while our expert sales and customer service teams are happy to field your questions, there is a more practical route.

By working with those teams, we have put together a list of our 20 most frequently answered Paslode questions and have provided answers for you, too. 

This way, when it comes to making a decision on Paslode products, you have everything you need right in front of you. 

Do you offer Paslode training?

Yes! We have Paslode specialists at Multifix who can offer training, which is normally done on-site but can also be done online. You can find out more about the online course here

The training covers familiarisation of the tools, how to use them properly, health and safety and environmental issues. At the end of the course, you’ll receive a certificate.

Is there a surcharge with your Paslode products?

No – the price that you see on the portal is the price that you’ll pay for the item. There are no hidden fees or surprises, although there may be a delivery cost depending on your order total. 

Will Fischer nails fit a Paslode power gun?

Yes and no. So, the Fischer nails will fit a Paslode IM350 as the IM350 can take other nails. But, Fischer nails will not fit the Paslode IM360, which only takes specific nails for that power tool. However…

Will using other nails void my warranty?

Yes – if you’re using a Paslode nail gun and it jams/breaks because you’ve used other nails, your warranty will be invalid. It’s the same with other gas cells for the IM350+. These will largely work fine and are compatible, but if they cause the gun to break, your warranty will be void. 

Will using other nails invalidate my Paslode training?

Also yes. The Health & Safety training part of the course specifically states you have to use Paslode nails for a Paslode product. 

What is the difference between the IM350+ and the IM360XI?

In short, the IM350+ is lighter, more compact, less noisy and vibrates less. However, the IM360XI is more powerful, can last a lot longer and is much more technologically advanced. The nails for the IM360XI are specifically made, but they’re cheaper than the IM350+ nails. 

We have covered this in more depth in an article, which you can read here.

Which nails fit what Paslode gun?

The clipped nails, or D head nails, are for the IM350. Full-sized nails, or moon head nails depending on what part of the country you’re from, are for the IM360. 

How many nails can my Paslode gun fire in a day?

There are two ways to answer this question; how many shots per gas cell and how many shots per battery charge. The IM350 can shoot 1100 shots per gas cell and 9000 shots per battery charge. Meanwhile, the IM360 can shoot 1250 shots per gas cell and 13000 shots per battery charge. 

Why is my Paslode gun not firing in cold weather?

That’ll be to do with the gas – basically, the gas doesn’t work as well in the cold. As such, don’t leave it in the back of a van! In the winter, it’s advisable to keep a Paslode gas cell in your pocket, or you can try and warm the gas up with your hands. 

What’s the difference between first and second fix?

First fix nail guns are for pretty much anything structural. This includes roofing, fencing, cladding, decking etc. You can also use them for panelling and stud work. 

Second fix nail guns, on the other hand, are for skirting and architrave.  

What Paslode gun nailer does what job?

The IM350+ and IM360XI are first fix, while the IM65 straight and IM65 angled are second fix. 

Is Paslode the only brand that does nail guns?

No, there are plenty in the market. These include Fischer, DeWalt, Hikoki, Milwaukee, Makita, Bosch and Senco, amongst others. While we can assist with Paslode and Makita, we can’t with some of the other brands listed. You can find a list of our recommended power tool retailers here

How can I prolong the lifespan of my nailer? 

In order to ensure your nailer lasts for a long time, you need to clean it to maintain its functionality. We stock a cleaning/maintenance kit here and you can watch a how-to YouTube video here

What are the key differences between a gas nailer and a mechanical one?

A gas nailer will need fuel for it to work, whereas a mechanical nailer is entirely battery-powered. It can be cheaper to use a mechanical nailer, as it requires less maintenance.

For example, a battery’s lifespan can last three years, whereas a fuel cell can last 1100 shots. However, gas nailers are lighter and a fuel cell tends to last longer than most batteries.

What does the blue cap do on the IM360XI fuel cells?

It doesn’t do anything special per se – it just denotes that the nails are for the IM360XI and not for the IM350+.  

Is there a shelf life on the Paslode fuel cells?

There is an expiry date on each fuel cell, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it if it goes beyond that. You’ll lose performance with cells that go beyond that date, but they don’t just stop working.  

What PPE do I need with my Paslode power tool?

You’ll need protective gloves, steel toecaps, a helmet, a hi-vis, ear protectors and eye goggles to operate a Paslode power tool . You will only be using them on-site, so you’ll need the site PPE essentials to use it. 

How loud is my gun?

The IM350+ is 89 dB (A), the IM360XI is 96 dB (A). 

How heavy is a Paslode compared to a Fischer?

There isn’t a lot in it; the Paslode IM350+ weighs 3.3kg, while the IM360XI weighs 3.8kg. The Fischer FGW 90F fits somewhere in-between, weighing 3.5kg. 

What’s the difference between a straight and an angled gun?

Both are second fix nail guns, but the angled gun is more for tight spaces. It’s much easier to get around corners and doors with an angled one, although their nails are more expensive. 

The straight nail gun is more for straightforward construction, but is also much bulkier than its angled counterpart. 

That just about covers it! Those are the 20 most frequently asked questions we get about Paslode and you should now have all the answers you need before making the next step. 

If we haven’t answered a question you have in mind, please get in touch with our expert team and we will get you the answer you need.