By: Christian Brown on 1st September 2023

Multifix Stuck It vs Grab It: Comparing benefits and uses

Finding a quality polymer adhesive can be something of a challenge. Whether it’s CT1, Stix All or Sticks Like, you need to have full confidence that it will hold because otherwise, it’ll cause huge complications.  

If the adhesive isn’t strong enough, then the materials simply won’t stick. You may have to compensate for that by using excessive amounts and still might have the same problem. As such, you must use a good one.  

That is why at Multifix, we have branched out and come up with our own! We have both the Stuck-It Extreme and the Grab-It, which are both solvent-free. They are versatile, high-strength products for bonding virtually any construction material.  

They’re products we’re extremely proud to have our name attached to and it’s been brilliant to see so many of you using them with great results. 

However, we are often asked what the differences between the two are. To avoid confusion and to prevent you from buying the wrong one by mistake, we have put together a pros and cons list for you.

We understand that by having our name attached to both items, you may feel we’re being biased. But, we feel we’ve been as objective as we can, as ultimately, you having the right product means more to us than selling something you don’t need.

The article will explain fully what each one does and which one is better for what application, allowing you to know exactly which one is which. 

What is the difference between the Stuck-It and the Grab-It?

We’ll start with the similarities first. Both have a polymer-based formula and both are solvent-free, which makes them safer to use in a closed space.  Solvent-based polymers are not only highly flammable, but also harm the environment. 

In addition, prolonged exposure to solvent-based polymers can lead to health issues for people, so it was imperative to make a product VOC-free

Also, both can be used on wet or damp surfaces. Both can even be used for underwater applications, should the need arise. 

The differences come in what they are used for. The Stuck-It Extreme is designed to seal gaps where both a strong and waterproof finish is needed. It is also used for bonding materials, such as metal, wood, glass and plastic. 

In addition, it’s used for movement joints and is ideal if you want to hang mirrors, as it won’t bleed or damage the finish. 

The Grab-It, on the other hand, is used for anything you would otherwise use a panel adhesive for. It is also designed to bond skirtings and architraves. 

Also, if you make the surface slightly damp before you apply the Grab-It, the bond will not only be better, but will also cure a lot faster. 

Stuck-It Extreme – the pros

The main pro for the Stuck-It Extreme is that it is not only an adhesive, but can also be used as a sealant. Given its multi-purpose, it saves you from having to buy a sealant as well as an adhesive. 

It will also save you money in general, as price-wise, it is cheaper than several popular brands in the market.  This includes the likes of CT1, Stix All and Sticks Like. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you get less from it as a result, as it can also be applied universally. Whether it’s to replace silicone, or to be used as a panel adhesive, the Stuck-It Extreme can do it. It can even replace screws or nails in many situations.  For example, a bathroom mirror.

Finally, there are several different colours for the Stuck-It Extreme, depending on what you need to do. It is available in clear, brown, black or white, so there’s a lot of versatility.  

Grab-It – the pros  

As per the name, the Grab-It is a specialist grab adhesive. It has a very high initial grab and there is also very little slip, meaning there’s less effort and time spent on clamping and fixing the material. 

The main pro, however, is down to what’s inside the Grab-It. The Grab-It is devised from a polymer-based formula, which means it is VOC-free.

It also doesn’t emit any heavy vapours, so it won’t smell when using it or leave any unpleasant, lingering aromas.  Given many contractors will prefer a VOC-free product, this is a big bonus. 

Another pro for the Grab-It is that reduces snagging thanks to its grab and strength. The last thing any new homeowner wants is to do a check of their property and find there are defects or that things aren’t fitted properly. With the Grab-It, the possibility of snagging drops significantly thanks to these advantages.  

Finally, you get a lot of value for money with the Grab-It. It comes in a large 350ml tube, which is 60ml more than what you get in the Stuck-It Extreme.  Also, it’s comparatively priced with more standard panel adhesives, so you get more for what you pay for. 

Stuck-It Extreme – the cons

While the Stuck-It Extreme doubles up as an adhesive and a sealant, the initial grab for it isn’t as good as the Grab-It. By grab, we mean the connection between the two materials and the product.

This is naturally an issue and means that if you are interested in the Stuck-It Extreme, you’ll have to make sure it’s right for your project. 

In addition, from a cost perspective, it also costs more than the Grab-It. The Stuck-It Extreme costs £6.23 ex. VAT for the white one, or £8.18 ex. VAT for the clear one.    

The clear one costs more as it’s a more expensive product to produce, so we would advise using white unless you need the clear one.  

By contrast, the Grab-It costs £4.08 ex. VAT, so at least £2 cheaper than both, although trade discounts are available. 

Grab-It – the cons

The biggest con for the Grab-It is that it is only for use as an adhesive – it can’t be used as a sealant as well. While its strengths lie in one area, if you are looking for something to do both, this isn’t the product for you. 

In addition, if you need to take it down for whatever reason, it could leave a notable mark on the wall. This is because it’s only available in white, so this will need to be considered before purchase.  

Finally, we have discovered that if a completely flushed fit is required, the Grab-It can be slightly thick when applied. 

This isn’t great aesthetically and in this instance, you would be better off using something better suited. 

Stuck-It Extreme – who is it right for?

If you want a sealant as well as an adhesive, then the Stuck-It Extreme is a great fit for you. Equally, if you also have a tighter budget and still want a product that is up to the task, it’s a good solution. 

Given it’s very versatile and covers a variety of different applications, it’s right for someone who wants something of an all-rounder. 

Also, the white option means it will cover just about any task that you need it for. This is especially important for those who need work done in bathrooms and kitchens. If you don’t need white, the clear option is available too. 

Grab-It – who is it right for?

If it’s something with a great grab that you want, then the Grab-It is the answer. This is especially the case if potential cosmetic issues aren’t too much of a concern, as it only comes in white.  

Also, to save yourself from potentially having to do something twice, the Grab-It will ensure you won’t need to do much snagging. 

The fact you get 350ml for £4.90 as well means that you are getting a lot of value for money, but it won’t be suited to someone needing a completely flush fit. For example, cabinet doors or flooring materials would require an alternative product.

The next steps

This article was to make you aware of the differences between the Stuck-It Extreme and the Grab-It and by now, you’ll know that. 

More importantly, you’ll know which is right for your project. We don’t want people buying the wrong thing from us, we want you to get the right product the first time around. 

We very much believe in both the Stuck-It Extreme and the Grab-It, which is why we’re proud to have our name on it. But, it has to be the right product for you, which is also why we made this article. 

If you would like to purchase the Stuck-It Extreme, you can do so here. Alternatively, if you want to buy the Grab-It, you can do that here.  

Our team are also available for contact for any further questions you might have, all you have to do is follow this link to find out how.