By: Christian Brown on 8th December 2023

What are Multifix’s customer commitments?

Every company in the world has a set of core values. Values that define them, values that inspire them, values that they stick to, no matter what.  

We see this all the time in construction with people pledging to do the best possible job or to go above and beyond for you. Core values, pillars, customer commitments – they all fall under the same bracket.  

At Multifix, our core values are customer first, honesty, having a positive mindset, appreciation, to be responsible and to show humility. These have stood us in good stead and we believe will continue to do so. 

But what are our customer commitments? What do we do that makes us stand out for you, as a buyer? What are the things we value most that are designed to help you? Why should you use us? 

In this article, we will highlight our key customer values as a company and explain why we have them in place and how we have put your best interests at the heart of them. 

Come the end of it, you’ll hopefully know exactly where we stand and what we can do for you as a construction specialist.  


The saying goes that time is money and in construction, that is certainly the case. Things need to be done yesterday in some instances, with demands and expectations very high.  

As such, one of our customer commitments is that we will always handle your order with the speed it needs. Indeed, one of our pledges is that you will have a quote within 30 minutes of asking.  

We don’t want you standing around waiting, while you’re losing money because things aren’t in place for you to get the job done.  

In addition, 75% of our own-van deliveries will be on-site before 12pm midday. In some cases, the order may even be there before you arrive! 

Speed is also one of the reasons why our customer portal is set up the way it is. It is possible to get an order over to us within 30 seconds by using the portal, which can be done if you have favourite items set up.  

We model our service on an Olympic relay team, in that each part of the ordering process is handled with speed, importance and as we'll come onto now, reliability. 


As much as we pledge to be fast, there’s no point being speedy if we aren’t reliable. We allow you to order quickly, because we know we can back it up with reliability.  

We say this because 99.3% of our own-van deliveries arrive when we say they're going to. We have worked extremely hard to achieve that percentage and while it may be impossible to get 100%, we won’t stop trying.  

Incorrect or late deliveries are the bane of your life, so we do our utmost to get them to you, when we say we’re going to get them to you.  

We also put in a number of other reliability measures when delivering, too. Our drivers will ring you when they are 10 minutes out, so you know exactly when your parcel is arriving.  

Also, by using the customer portal, you can track your delivery and see exactly where your order is. We also insist on a signature for every delivery, so there’s no leaving it on the side and hoping for the best.  

Following that, we will also take a picture of the delivery, so you can see exactly where it is and have proof of delivery in the process. 

If you’re not reliable, then you can’t be trusted – hence why it is one of our customer commitments to be as reliable as possible.  

Personal service 

As humans, we want to be treated like a person. We don’t want to feel like a number, or just a customer. It’s impersonal, it can be rude and it doesn’t strike as good service.  

That’s why personal service is one of our customer commitments. Small things go a long way; for example, we’ll always remember your name. We’ll ask about your hobbies and interests and try to get to know you. 

We want you to feel valued and looked after, so that you stick with us. Our customer service team are all very friendly and incredibly knowledgeable, being able to offer an expert view on matters.  

Having that level of knowledge is extremely helpful, which is especially the case for you. The reason we say this is because the chances of you getting an incorrect item on an order are very slim.  

It is very frustrating when you call up and explain what you need, only to get the wrong product. By making personal service a priority, we have done our very best to limit that.  

Don't just take our word for it though; you can find our customer testimonials here


Finally, our last customer commitment is that we want to give you control. We want you to come to us in full confidence knowing that you’re in charge of the situation at hand.  

This is also one of the reasons why the portal is set up the way it is. In the portal, you can set up an approved products list, which limits what people can order.  

You can also set up requisitions too, so you have full sign-off on anything that comes through to us. These tools are very helpful in allowing you to budget, so you only spend what you need to.  

We don’t want to accept orders that aren’t needed or will put you over budget. It would be easy for us to turn a blind eye to these incidents, but we want what is best for you.  

As such, by allowing you control, you have the final say over everything. You can find our portal onboarding guides here

Putting you at the forefront 

We believe having values is important, as like we said earlier, it’s effectively giving your word to people.  

How you treat people is hugely important and something we feel very strongly about, so that is why our four customer commitments have you front and centre of them all.  

We believe that by putting you first, you can have something that is better for you on a personal level, as well as on a professional level.  

If you would like to find out more about Multifix and how we can be of service to you, then you can get in touch with us by following this link.